Sabai Sabai Thai Therapist

Our massage salon was made with people in mind; people suffering from problems such as: stress-induced pain and tension, headaches and migraines, back pain and joint stiffness, low blood circulation as well as anxiety and depression. It is also a great place for people who want to take care of their health, they want to achieve more in their lives, learn more about their body, while giving it what it needs. Our salon is a very cose place, that gets cleaned after every client. We listen to our clients every day, rising the standards and building the salon according to your wishes and preferences.

We are spreading positive energy

Every person that had a massage in their life before knows quite well that it’s more than just contact – it also energy, which you can more or less experience and feel flowing trough your body. Here at Sabai Sabai Thai Massage Therapy we only send you positive energy and take away the negative energy accumulated troughout an everyday, stressful life. Balanced life energy causes everything to turn out better and makes one attract correct people. We encourage you to try our massages, where we will relax your body, and help you balance your energy.

Sabai Sabai is a qualified masseuse with many years of experience.

Gifts are cool

Sharing positive energy with others is important. Your life is full of special people. People like these deserve to relax and enjoy themselves. We can make that possible, with one of your gift vouchers – treat someone to a relaxing and soothing afternoon. A unique gift for a unique person.